Out and about: Dragons of the Sea

I love the unexpected. Well, only if it isn't too frightening. The beaches of our west coast have an abundant supply of Nature's washed up driftwood. Tossed and turned by the rivers that flow into the Tasman Sea, smashed against the shore and stacked in a chaotic frenzy, weathered and bleached by [...]

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There’s something about Virginia

Whanganui has a beautiful gem in the form of a peaceful lake right in the heart of St John’s Hill, a leafy suburb. Maori named this lake Rotokawau. Roto, being Lake and Kawau, meaning black shag. These days it is commonly known as Virginia Lake as it was part of Virginia Farm established in [...]

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With all these acronyms floating around, what on earth is AOS? Well, every year for the past 16 years, Whanganui has held Artists Open Studios over two very full on weekends in march. This is a time that regional artists and makers get to show off their creativity by opening their studios and gallery [...]

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