Out and about: Dragons of the Sea

I love the unexpected. Well, only if it isn’t too frightening.

The beaches of our west coast have an abundant supply of Nature’s washed up driftwood. Tossed and turned by the rivers that flow into the Tasman Sea, smashed against the shore and stacked in a chaotic frenzy, weathered and bleached by the sun, salt and wind.

Castlecliff Beach is a fantastic place to wander for hours with your children, your friends and definitely with your camera. Families are often seen creating structures and discussing the engineering of their sculptures.

I also enjoy looking for the Dragons of the Sea.

The Dragons I find often look a little sad, wistfully looking back out to sea as if they’ve found themselves beached on the shore.

Some of the creatures are pretty curious. These have spent a lot of time down in the deep.

I’m excited to visit Jack Marsden Mayer of Bedford Studios, Bedford Ave, this coming AOS, (Aritsts Open Studios). Jack’s driftwood sculptures are an extraordinary work of art on a massive scale.

You can visit his workshop 24 March -2nd April, 2017. That’s soon!


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