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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Browns Boutique Bed and Breakfast. We look forward to having you stay with us. By making this booking you are entering into an agreement with us. Please read our terms and conditions below.

Prices /Tariff – The price quoted is based on a bed and breakfast experience. Breakfast, tea, coffee and water in your room are included in the price. Any further options that we offer e.g. picnic lunch or evening meal are provided and charged at our discretion. We will always have a conversation with you to make sure you are happy with the price we expect you to pay.

Payment Policy – We ask for payment for your room at the time of booking. Any extra meals or other services provided will be charged when you depart.

Cancellation Policy – At the time of your booking, we are entering a legal agreement that you expect to be staying with us and we in-turn will be providing you with a wonderful experience. However, we do understand that from time to time events can pop up in our lives that mean you cannot fulfil a booking. If you cancel with more than 1 months notice, we will refund your money in full. If you cancel with more than 7 days notice, we will refund 50% of your booking. If you cancel with less than 7 days notice we will not give a refund. As we are a small boutique business, you need to realise that we may not be able to on-sell your booking at short notice.

Smoking – Smoking is not allowed in our rooms or outside. We want all our guests to feel comfortable in the environment we provide.

Pets – As much as we love pets, we do not accept other people’s pets on our property. We have our own very ancient dog Ella, a medium aged cat Izzy, and a good number of chickens of various ages and personalities, providing us with eggs for your breakfast table. You are welcome to enjoy their company if you wish.

Children – Children are welcome but please be mindful of our other guests. We ask that you encourage your dear ones to keep their voices “relatively” low and absolutely no bouncing on the beds (as much as that might seem fun). We would like to think our beds are in good condition and without lumps!!

Arrival and departure – We would appreciate it if you can let us know when you expect to arrive (email us on hi@brownsboutiquebnb.co.nz or txt +64 27 308 2495). Arrival between 3pm and 8:00pm usually works best for us but, if you will be arriving late or need to drop off bags earlier, we can sort something out. Please be ready to leave your room by 10.30am on the day of your departure unless other arrangements have been made with us. We clean the rooms and change the linen and towels daily unless you are staying for 3 days or more, then we will change the linen and towels every three days. Please leave your room key on the dining table when you leave.

Damages and breakages – We have created a beautiful room for you that includes art pieces and home-wares that may be antique, a “home away from home”. If a situation arises where something within our home is damaged or broken, please tell us immediately. We may well be able to clean or fix the issue. We reserve the right to charge for damage or loss caused. If, upon your arrival, you notice anything that looks broken or damaged, please let us know.

Liability – We do not accept any liability for any damage, loss or injury to any member of your travelling party or any vehicles, or possessions, while you are booked with us. We provide you with a key so that you can lock your room while you are staying with us. We live in a quiet neighbourhood and believe our house to be very safe and have no reason to think your property would be at risk.

Extra yummy food – We can offer to make you something extra while you are with us. If you would like a lovely lunch or an evening meal, let’s talk about what you might like to experience. We charge separately for lunches and dinners. If you are expecting to enjoy a Whanganui River trip, there is not a lot of opportunity to purchase food. We can make a delicious packed lunch for you to enjoy on the banks of the Whanganui River or in the quiet of the bush.

Laundry – We are happy to provide a laundering service for you at an extra $15 per load. This includes machine wash, dry and fold. When you’re on the road for while, it’s nice to have clean clothes every now and then and especially if you’ve been for a Whanganui River experience!! All care will be taken. If we feel that your clothes should be dry-cleaned instead, we will discuss that with you.

Information – Any info collected by us during the course of your booking and stay with us will only be used by us in order to give you the experience you are expecting. We will not share your information with a third party other than our payment site or booking site Little Hotelier.

Do you have any questions? If so, contact Jenny Brown. Cell/txt: +64 27 308 2495 or email: hi@brownsboutiquebnb.co.nz